Cigarette Delivery Services

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Cigarette delivery services offer consumers the convenience of purchasing cigarettes and other tobacco products without having to leave home. They also allow customers to access more brands and varieties of tobacco products than they would find at a local store. These services typically require that the purchaser verify their age and identity before ordering. Some services use a scanned image of the purchaser’s ID to confirm that they are 21 or older.

The cigarette delivery service industry has grown rapidly, and the options available to consumers have increased as well. In addition to traditional cigarette shops and online cigarette stores, several mobile applications that allow customers to purchase cigarettes and other tobacco products have been developed. These apps offer users the ability to order and receive their products quickly and easily, often within hours.

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Some cigarette delivery services require that customers provide proof of their age before they can receive their orders. Other services ask that the purchaser present a valid state-issued identification card at the time of delivery. Both of these methods can be used to ensure that the customer is the person who ordered the cigarettes and that the correct taxes are collected.

State laws regulating delivery sales of cigarettes generally include provisions addressing both youth access and tax evasion issues. For example, nearly half of the states (23 out of 58) with laws contained language requiring that delivery sale vendors be licensed and comply with existing state tobacco product vendor licensure requirements. Other vendor-related provisions included requirements that delivery sale vendors disclose the minimum age of sale and/or tax collection and remittance provisions to customers prior to shipping the cigarettes.

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