Heavy Duty Towing Facts You Should Know

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Heavy Duty Towing

In an emergency, you need the services of a heavy duty towing company to get your vehicle back on the road. If you don’t know how to use heavy-duty towing equipment, you can hire an independent tow truck company, but you should still be cautious and only let professionals handle the process. Without proper knowledge, you could risk further damaging your vehicle. Here are some important facts you should know about heavy-duty towing.

Why Heavy Duty Towing Facts You Should Know Succeeds

Light-duty towing services are usually light-duty and include the removal of abandoned vehicles, assisting accident victims, and towing cars from private property. These services use smaller, lightweight vehicles. However, heavy-duty towing trucks are larger and capable of hauling large and awkward-shaped vehicles. They typically require a large amount of horsepower and can be used for towing semi-trucks and other large vehicles. They also have different types of attachments that can fit on their trailers.

Heavy-duty tow trucks have a much higher gross vehicle weight rating than light-duty trucks, which means they can carry larger loads. They are usually equipped with a 25-ton boom lift and can tow the full weight of another large vehicle. To operate these types of vehicles safely, the drivers need to be certified and have substantial experience operating massive vehicles on the road. If you need to tow a large or heavy vehicle, you should always hire a heavy-duty tow truck.

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